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Issues what Start-ups faced!!

The growth of a business depends on two major factors: the revenue model and the people who drive the business. The companies that can develop innovative revenue models and hire great people tend to grow faster than the others. Once you have a business model in place, you need the right people to execute it.

Hiring the right employees is a pretty difficult task. It becomes even more challenging if you are trying to build a company from scratch. Several constraints may stop you from hiring the best of the people even if you are willing to take the risk of hiring them. In many cases, it’s hard to find the right talent for start-ups even if they have a big enough budget and a good business model. In such cases, you need to evaluate the available pool of candidates and select the best among them.

The moment we are realize and analyze that we are facing the same issues every day, so we decided write it about. We have requirements for IT sales executive with 1 year of experience and we can pay Rs. 15,000 P/M and incentive too but we are getting many CV’s with 10+ years of experience, we tried to talk some of them either they are good with this salary and as expected they replied “No”, my current salary is Rs. 75,000 P/M, I’m expecting for Rs. 1,00,000 P/M. This is not a one-day issue, we faced it every day and we always waste our time on that CV but now we understand that we need to ignore them in fact we get the fresher CV’s too but we understand they are in need of job desperately that’s why they are applying and we love to take their interview and give them job.

But still the question arises in our mind, if they really have 10+ years of experience then why they are applying in 1 year of experience of job, well they proved that experience is not everything in fact understanding the situation and condition matters too, also fresher’s are saying they aren’t getting the job and when someone wants to give him a chance to get a job but this so called experience people’s waste the company time.

What are the things that you should do before applying for a Job?

  • Clean up your social media
  • Do your research
  • Think about what you're looking for
  • Consider your strategy
  • Check Company profile and requirement things
  • Write and edit pertinent documents
  • Contact your Contacts
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